Transformative Events

Events change the world. They act as catalysts for social and cultural transformation.

Events can bring about profound behavioral and organizational change. If you ask someone to make a permanent change in behavior, their initial response will be to resist. But, if you ask for them to try something out for 5 minutes, an hour, a day, or a week, the change becomes less threatening. To wit, change becomes more acceptable and allows people to make an informed decision, rather than an emotional choice rooted in fear.

No change is ever permanent, however one which is explicitly temporary is much easier to instigate. Events allow you to prototype ‘the new’ in ‘the short term’, and help create and promote lasting and sustainable change in the long term.

We help curate and create events for transformation and inspiration. Over the years, these events have included:

Makerlabs – workshops in the art of making (woodwork, candle-making, sculpting, knife-making)
Makerplatz– rebranding public space with art, poetry and purposeful design
Barcamps– tech-focused unconference that’s equal parts networking, learning and fun.
UnConferences– an initiative to accelerate immersive storytelling

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16 April 2014