Widen the Lens

In this information rich, connected world, objectivity has never been more important. We are assailed on all sides by information presented to us by those with hidden agendas, causes to push and products to sell. To wade into the ocean of information these days is to feel manipulated, pressured and overwhelmed by 'facts' that have been twisted and misrepresented to suit someone else's opinion. What we need are, at least, some people who are trying to cut through the manipulation and the spin. If we want to learn the truth, we have to find new ways to listen. If we want our best work to have consequences, we have to be heard.



If only your work could speak for itself! Whether you are preparing for a keynote an on-camera interview – presentation training is invaluable to building confidence for effective message delivery.

Establish Leadership

We believe establishing a face and presence for your brand strengthens your influence, and deepens your credibility. Let us help you own the conversation and communicate it to the right audience.

Speaker Booking

Gain access to our extensive relationships and a network of high level executives and global leaders across a range of industries and issues. Strong speakers are key to creating a strong agenda and a successful event.

Conversation Curation

We can help ensure your documentary, panel discussion, or conference has fresh ideas that compel people to action. We manage your speaking program from start to finish so you and your team can focus on the most valuable opportunities.

Event Management

We offer a host of services to engage both public and private audiences with an unparalleled ability to delivery media interest and coverage.

Cinematic Storytelling

For custom video and photo campaigns, come to us with a full brief or let us work with you to source storylines directly from our network of journalists and filmmakers. Our in-house team of producers and creative talent will work alongside you to craft the perfect editorial direction for your campaign or individual stories.

Speakwell Index

We also publish a quarterly index featuring motivators, business leaders, academics, creative artists, and activists that would make great additions to any conversation.

Media Relations

We connect you with media opportunities to raise your profile and establish your business expertise.


We consider support as important as our events and speakers. If you need help, or have questions, you don’t have to be a client to reach out.